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At HAMLET PROTEIN, we are in the process of executing the next part of our highly ambitious and fully funded growth strategy: Creating and owning an entirely new category in the poultry feed segment. We want to turn our specialized, high protein, soy-based feed ingredient for young chicks, HP AviStart, into a flagship brand on par with our global category leader for piglets, HP 300.

We have the market, the product and the reputation to succeed – now we need you to make it happen. Are you ready to join HAMLET PROTEIN as the global frontrunner in the poultry segment?

HAMLET PROTEIN is a research and development driven company with our roots in Denmark and our feet firmly planted on the US market. At our Findlay Ohio plant we use American grown soy to produce premium protein to promote the healthy and profitable growth of piglets, broiler chicks and young calves through our globally patented, chemical-free, bio-conversion process.

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Monogastric Nutritionist, SEA

Do you want to play an active part in strategic product development?

Nutritionist, China

You provide full nutritional and technical support to the HAMLET PROTEIN sales team.

Sales Manager Germany

Can you establish Germany as our new home market?

Global Bogholderichef

Har du kompetencerne til at udvikle et globalt og velfungerende Shared Service Center?