Make your next move to the founder of HP 300.

We need candidates within Sales, R&D and Strategic Marketing to grow HAMLET PROTEIN as global frontrunner in young animal nutrition


Are you experienced in animal nutrition? Are you passionate about solution selling, strategic marketing or research & development? Are you looking for an extraordinary challenge at a world leading knowledge hub where you will be part of a continued growth story? If you just nodded three times, HAMLET PROTEIN can be your next career move.

At this very moment the NAFTA plant of HAMLET PROTEIN in Findlay, Ohio is growing rapidly. With a new ambitious strategy – and with our new and third soy protein production line in place – we need to expand and improve our sales and marketing efforts.


Founded in Denmark, HAMLET PROTEIN has developed a globally patented bio-conversion process – that enables production of premium protein to promote the healthy and profitable growth of piglets, chickens and young calves. Many stakeholders recognize HAMLET PROTEIN by our flagship product HP 300.

The next quantum leap for HAMLET PROTEIN is to strengthen and grow our market position and profitability by taking advantage of the global megatrends within our industry: A movement from backyard to industrialized farming in Asia, and a global focus on reducing the use of antibiotics by switching to healthier feed for young animals in sustainable and safe production environments. 

A crucial part of our new ambitious strategy is an increased focus on Sales, R&D and Strategic Marketing. With our growth we will increase our staff worldwide from 120 to 200 skilled and passionate professionals. Do you want to join a world leading niche player and become a protein pioneer; either on the road, in the laboratory or between the lab and the market or in related functions? We are building on a unique core and are supported by ambitious and strong owners.


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For US positions please contact HR Manager Wendy Rodgers, HAMLET PROTEIN Inc.,

R&D Manager – International New Product Developments

Can you drive our continued successful expansion?

Are you an experienced R&D Innovation leader ready to play a central role in developing our product range and growing our business? HAMLET PROTEIN has a strong global reputation in high quality products for high performance animals, with a proven track record in feed for farm livestock, and we want to grow our market.

Poultry Segment Manager

Do you want to join a world leading niche player in animal starter diets and become a protein pioneer?

Financial Controller

Can you help taking our financial systems and processes to the next level?

Sales Manager Northeast region China

We are based in Qingdao with a sales and applications team of 4 people and are ready to grow our position in the Northeast region of China with a regional Sales Manager.

Sales Manager Germany

Can you establish Germany as our new home market?

Calf Nutritionist

Would you like to work for the global frontrunner in young animal nutrition? Would you like to use your extensive knowledge around calf nutrition to improve our market position?